Trying to get back in shape

Dildo yourself for world peace! (and make a video of it and show it to the world)


The white dildove of peace…

do u know f3rak?


Who told you about my hacking alias!?

Aug 6

Having a turn dominating la-switchkid. This is kind of fun!

Aug 6

Been in Japan for a while now… When is the yaoi supposed to start?

Aug 1

Do you see yourself in Japan once your research/program is completed?


It’s something that I haven’t quite decided yet.

While Japan’s research community is still pretty strong (scandals like the STAP cell paper notwithstanding), I could never work my way to a tenured position. Also, Japan has a poor track record when it comes to gay rights, and it’s difficult to predict when that will change, since their political system is so sluggish/conservative.

And if I end up moving back to the US, I’ll be arriving just in time to get some of that new grant money from the BRAIN initiative as well, so we’ll see…

It’s my birthday!

Now I’m officially… way too old ;_;

You should post more pro wrestling. Your blog would be great with more pro wrestling


Tie me up and cum on my face. Nyaa~♥

What was the biggest piece of culture shock you found when you moved to Japan?

It sounds kind of silly, but I think my biggest surprise was the fact that every taxi here has automatic doors.


Imagine leaning over to open a cab door and having it fly open in your face.

Did you wear that chastity thing when that photo was taken?


No, but I’m now imagining the feeling of getting sand stuck inside of it, and I can’t stop cringing.


Being a dork by the sea

Being a dork by the sea

Regarding your lack of intent to climb fuji... You only have two data points. Drawing a trend line from such a small data set is foolish. ;)


*adjusts glasses*

Well, given the fact that a person who climbs Mt. Fuji three times is obviously a greater fool than one who climbed it twice, and assuming that this pattern holds for greater amounts of climbs, then the level of foolishness appears to be a monotonically increasing function.

Meaning that we should begin research into what the opposite of climbing Mt. Fuji might be.

Fun Fact:

The Japanese online abbreviations for “top” and “bottom” are 凸 and 凹.